Buy your own Satz art

Have a website, blog or social media platform that you want to spice up? Add a Crowtoon to it! They’re great for engaging readers, setting a mood or complementing an article. Web-ready cartoons are the most affordable option and look great on-line. High resolution print cartoons are super for your presentations, e-books, newsletters, promotional material and so forth.

Or would you like original art? Perhaps a cartoon that’s graced the pages of the Wall Street Journal, the Saturday Evening Post, Prospect Magazine, or others? Presuming it hasn’t been purchased already, it’s all yours.

Did I mention these all make great gifts? No? Well, now I did!

What about emotes and avatars?

Yup, those as well.

If you’re interested in display rights for a crowtoon, what I offer is a single usage license for on-site purchase. If you want to use the crowtoon in multiple places, please contact me for special pricing. The copyright remains with me. Please understand that you’re licensing the cartoon as shown (other than the fact that I’ll send you one without the large copyright image that’s superimposed on my site images). Please do not alter the captions or the art and certainly don’t represent the work as your own. Pretty reasonable but saying so makes it all clear.

To streamline my own process, the cartoons on only display the web usage price and can be purchased by clicking the purchase link. If you want to purchase a license for a high resolution, print-ready version, just shoot me an email at and let me know what your needs are. I’ll send you the relevant pricing information and purchase instructions. All cartoons have an identifying number at the top of the purchase page and that’s the best way to identify them in your email.

Crowtoon originals are $300 for the black and white, inked line art. All done on archival paper with permanent ink. Inked plus a gray wash is $350. Fully colored originals are $400. And matted archival prints (black and white, grayscale or color) are $30. Custom emotes or badges are $25 with one revision. $10 for a second revision. Avatars will depend on complexity – we’ll need to discuss details. Just give me a jingle (does email jingle?) and I’ll set you up!