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Yo yo yo! Choosing to defy the cold to end all colds, I made a nifty new video so that people could see what was what on my website without having to poke around (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). And it is now happily resident on my site. On the right of your screen if you’re using a computer and downward ho if you’re using a phone or pad.

So I have a favor to ask of you, my loyal cartoon pals. If you can carve out a few minutes, would you mind taking a peek at it and letting me know what you think? Both of the video itself and the subject of the video – namely how my site is set up. Does it work the way you like? Is it missing something?

Feedback from outside eyes and ears would be mooooost helpful, I think!

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A first/oldest and last/latest strip link would be helpful for such readers who would like to view all of your work, similar like in the archives of or similar webcomics.
Kind regards

Rafael – Thanks VERY much for the post. I’ve been aware since the start that this site setup lacks the traditional webcomic navigation, largely because the traditional webcomic themes don’t support the commerce and search functionality I wanted. BUT … your post made my brain once again think about the issue and LO, all in a flash it occurred to me how I can (I’m pretty sure) put such functionality onto the site with just a bit of effort (per post). Which means a lot of effort at this point. But I think I shall give it a try. And as a reward for sparking that realization, email with a cartoon you’d like in high resolution format and I’ll send it along to you for use as a screensaver or to print or whatever!

Wow thanks a lot, I’ll let you know once I male a decision (which may well take as much time as I will need to read through all of them so I’m sorry if my decision won’t be swift. As for the effort per post maybe startimg to add a „first” link from now on would suffice to satisfy new readers and the „latest” is on the frontpage anyway so it is nothing difficult to find I think. Glad my suggestion was useful. Have a nice day 🙂

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