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Trying to cut out as much sugar as possible from my diet. Anybody else doing this? Well, if you are, you’ve noticed that sugar is in seemingly EVERYTHING! So I could it as a BIG win that one of the pepper sauces I already own has zip, zero, nada in it. A sugar-free hot sauce experience. Imagine that!

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Might be overgeneralizing here, but I think Asian styles of hot sauce tend to be sweet, but American styles not as much. No sugar in Tabasco and other Louisiana-style sauces. Don’t remember any in Mexican and Caribbean sauces (without checking).

Started cutting sugar out of my diet in early adulthood. My grandmother’s legs were amputated because of adult-onset diabetes. Frightened the hell out of me, and I figured it would be easier to change my diet at 19 than at 40. Didn’t do it all at once, but started by cutting down on soda and candy bars, then eventually sugar in cooking, as sweetened foods gradually became less palatable. In fairness, it probably helped that I always liked chilies and tart flavors at least as much, and mostly cooked my own food.

Sadly, sugar is in the Mexican and Caribbean hot sauces I’ve got in my pantry. By far it’s the norm to be sugared. Most of our spice rubs as well, which is intensely irritating. Guess we’ll have to blend our own from now on.

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