I get the point

How do I know it’s officially Spring around here? Just check out the vines. That’s leafing out I see!

So, anyway, I took this pic for two reasons. First one was addressed above. Spring – yay! The second? Perspective! It’s not uncommon for cartoonists to neglect this fundamental part of art. For obvious reasons – many cartoons are meant to be highly simplified. But … it can often be “a good thing”. Just a few well chosen lines place the viewer in a dynamic environment rather than flat to the wall like in a mugshot.

There’s WAY too much involved in perspective to cover it all in a tiny post like this so I thought I’d touch on one aspect. Single point perspective. Because it’s a picture of a vineyard, there are a heap of regularly spaced items (poles, vines, etc). I took the liberty of overlaying three lines that touch the same (relative) spot on each key object. The objects being poles. What do you notice about them?

They all intersect at the same point! Single point perspective. Not something made up but “what’s out there”. So – remember it and perhaps use it!


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