Is it too late to notice this?

Star Wars observation. Remember how when Darth Vader was fighting Luke Skywalker and he thought Luke had been knocked into the carbonite freeze unit? He said “All too easy” as he hit the freezer control. But then he saw that Luke had force levitated out and he said “Impressive. Most impressive”.
Well. Those two remarks seem contradictory. If his first remark was true, that it was all too easy to defeat Luke, then the fact Luke escaped wasn’t “most impressive” it was just a bit above “all too easy”. In other words “Oh, okay, you escaped that. So you’re not completely a dweeb.”
Or, conversely, if escaping really was “most impressive” then being frozen wasn’t a big fail. It was “Well, you’re good but not quite good enough”.
Perhaps Lucas should reshoot the scene …

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