Richard Thompson – Suuuuuper Genius

Do you adore Richard Thompson’s work? I sure do. His strip Cul de Sac is the pinnacle of the genre. Here’s a tiny snippet. Alice, the young protagonist, is describing being in the car with her dad. So how does Richard show this? A boxed frame within the borders of the strip proper. An extradimensional glance at what WAS happening. Easily understood without any excessive thought. And just look at the car and the huge light bulb headed dad and wild eyed Alice in the back. The dimensions are implausibly absurd. And yet – it’s wonderful. It’s just right. Even the trees. My gosh, the branches get thicker as they get farther from the trunk. Complete death in “real” painting. Yet it only adds to the beauty of the entire panel.
Sigh. Don’t you wish mere study and repetition would allow you to reach the level of genius. But it doesn’t work that way …

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