So modest

You want to know what, to me, is one of the minor but irritating aspects of cartooning in our society? The atmosphere of prudishness, that’s what. It means, whenever I come up with an Adam and Eve cartoon, I have to make sure I pose them so their backs are to us, or with The Monster Hedge of Doom that covers up all the societally defined “naughty bits”. As I’ve seen on Facebook, when even the New Yorker tries to show a cartoon in which the primitively rendered line art shows a woman and the artist included two dots of ink to indicate nipples … it’s taken down and a warning is sent.

Dots. Just dots.

I’ve lived in this world for long enough to accept that, even though it strikes me as the peak of ridiculousness, it’s the way it is. Even though 10 seconds on Google will uncover a mountain of nipplage, and even though we’ve had millennia of art that considered it a non-issue, our Puritan derived mindset says “OMG – that’s TABOO!”

Sheesh. Can you tell I’m drawing Eve at the moment?


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