Almost there

Hey there folks. We’re almost at cartoon time again. The thing is, I post the current cartoons a day early for my Crowminions at my Patreon page and I didn’t post anything there on Friday sooooo … there’s a problem with the causal temporal state of affairs. Which will be rectified by showing Tuesday’s cartoon on Patreon today. Unfortunately, that means I can’t post anything here until a day has elapsed. At least in the Crowtoon of the Day spot. I WILL be posting on Crow’s Prose (which I hope you’re all reading religiously …?)

Regular cartoonage begins again tomorrow. See you then, if not sooner on Patreon!


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You share your talent with the world. You do not owe us an explanation of you choose not to do so some days or ever again but it is nice to see. I do enjoy your cartoons.

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