Plan well

Changes are afoot, starting on February 26. Going forward, I’ll be posting my daily Crowtoons on Patreon, not here. I’ll still be uploading Crowtoons into the appropriate download categories so they can be searched for and downloaded. But for the “here’s a new Crowtoon, immediately available for viewing” one will need to use Patreon. I very much hope you’ll consider it worth the buck a month it will cost.

Other structural changes will be occurring as well, but this is the primary one for now. Again, I sure hope you’ll think it’s worth 12 dollars a year to see my humble cartoon offerings but if you don’t, I’ll understand.

Near Walnut Creek? Then come on by my pop-up gallery at Bondadoso coffee! Satisfy both taste and sight with delicious coffee and tea and endlessly amusing Satz art! Of course, if you want a Crowtoon on your wall and aren’t in the neighborhood, you can still get one here!

And here’s our regularly scheduled Crowtoon:


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