Interested in purchasing a cartoon for use in a blog or a presentation or a newsletter? Or are you wanting a genuine inked original to call your very own? They’re here waiting for you! New crowtoons every day (7/week) and multiple blog posts a day. Words, pics and “how it’s done” videos.


Click on the category under “License a Crowtoon” to the right of the page and it’ll bring up all my creations currently on-site that match that category. I’ve got several thousand waiting in the wings so expect the numbers to grow rapidly. Of course, if you’ve seen one in a magazine or on Facebook or Instagram or wherever, those are also easily available. You just need to contact me. Interested in more details? The “License a Crowtoon!” button above brings you to a dedicated “Here’s what it all means” page. 

Read Today’s Crowtoon!” zips you to today’s shiny new crowtoon. And a press of “Read Crow’s Prose!” brings you to my warm and wonderful blog. Merchandise, you ask? Cups and bags adorned with your favorite crowtoon? They’re right here