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NEW CROW’S PROSE – Patreon and Twitch ¬†2019-07-16

In website news, going forward, I’ll be posting my daily Crowtoons on Patreon, not here. I’ll still be uploading Crowtoons into the appropriate download categories so they can be searched for and downloaded. But for the “here’s a new Crowtoon, immediately available for viewing” one will need to use Patreon. I hope you’ll consider it worth the buck a month it will cost. One level up from that is “tomorrow’s Crowtoon today”. That one includes the latest¬† entry in a direct email and link to the full size version at Patreon. But from what I’m seeing, the entry level (today’s toon) can’t handle the direct email aspect. Hence you’ll need to go to my Patreon page (just like you come here) to view today’s toon.

Other structural changes will be occurring as well, but this is the primary one for now. Again, I sure hope you’ll think it’s worth becoming a Patreon and keep seeing my humble cartoon offerings but if you don’t, I’ll understand.

Detailed info on what CrowdenSatz.com is all about HERE!. But the brief version is: I MAKE CARTOONS! Or Crowtoons, as I like to call them. Available for personal amusement or usage on a website or blog, in print or framed and on your wall. Or adorning a coffee cup or shirt or on a birthday card! So many possibilities.

I’ve got a blog as well (Crow’s Prose) which I hope you’ll all partake of. And I’ve also got a Patreon page where those of you who feel the call to support this humble bringer of smiles. Now that the funnies in newspapers are (almost) dead, it’s a great way to feel good about yourself for keeping the cartoon arts alive!